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While there are always traces of mold in the environment, residents of Lake Elsinore should be aware that mold that is allowed to grow and accumulate inside a house can potentially cause damage. Therefore, it is important for households to take immediate action by calling a company that specializes in treating Lake Elsinore mold damage. The ideal conditions mold requires for growth include:

  • Presence of mold spores
  • Cotton, drywall, wood, or other food source
  • Warmth
  • Darkness
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
  • 24 to 48 hours to begin to grow

Household Maintenance

Mold damage is more likely to occur in a humid environment. While balmy, hot, moist weather can contribute to Lake Elsinore mold damage, homes that have structural leaks or damaged pipes, which may expose the building structure to moisture, are also more likely to have an issue with mold. Other contributors to mold growth are poor ventilation that does not allow evaporated moisture to escape a home’s interior as well as a faulty HVAC system.

Human Behavior

There are many common household practices that can also exacerbate mold growth. Drying clothes indoors on an interior clothesline or drying rack can increase humid in areas that are not adequately ventilated. The increased moisture may remain in the air longer and create an environment that is more conducive to mold growth. Mold can also grow on wet clothes that are left in a pile for more than a day. Using a humidifier can also make a home more amenable to mold. People who require the use of a humidifier for health or other reasons should ensure the moisture level inside remains below 55 percent to discourage mold growth.

Natural Disasters or Plumbing Accidents

Mold growth is common in areas that have recently flooded as a house may take days or even weeks to completely dry out. However, some dangerous, toxic molds require very wet, extreme conditions in order to invade a home. Individuals who experience flooding due to natural causes or a plumbing emergency should contact a mold eradication specialist to address any potential Lake Elsinore Mold damage that may arise as a result of extended exposure to moisture.

Damp Basements

Lake Elsinore mold damage can also be caused by humidity in a building’s basement. Basements are typically not adequately ventilated; therefore, they usually have a higher moisture and humidity level than the higher floors. Leaks that develop in other parts of the structure also typically affect the basement as water runs downward. Lake Elsinore mold damage that occurs in the basement is far more likely to go undetected longer as occupants typically do not use the basement as often as they use other rooms.

Mold Away USA offers Lake Elsinore mold damage inspection and remediation services that begin with a thorough free assessment and forensic evaluation. The company supplies mold testing results from independent labs, and the professionals at Mold Away USA are certified in microbial remediation to business, residential, and industrial clients.

Tom Vegter

Tom Vegter

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