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Mold in a home can be a serious health issue when water or moisture is present. The worst mold found in a home is referred to as black mold. Black mold often occurs when a sewer pipe backs up or there is an overflow of a toilet. If black mold inside in a home, then residents may experience respiratory problems and other health issues. Contact a mildew removal Wildomar specialist if mold is suspected in a home.


Increased moisture in a basement or crawlspace of a home is a common area for mold. Moisture that is in a home if often due to water penetration from outside the home or from plumbing issues. Basements that are wet are typically a breeding ground for mold if no corrective action is taken. The best way that a homeowner to tell if mold is present is to contact a mildew removal Wildomar specialist.


A mildew removal Wildomar company will need to determine if mold is present in a home before beginning of any work. This is done by performing a visual inspection and detecting if water is hidden in-between the walls or under the floor. These are areas where mold will likely occur is moisture in the area is at high levels. A technician will use a moisture detector to determine if any areas might contain traces of mold.


Areas in a home that have mold will be sealed to prevent the spread of spores to other areas. Vents in a home will also be sealed. Removing mold often means disturbing spores that will float around until the area being completely removed. A mildew removal Wildomar specialist uses plastic sheeting with tape that will seal off separate rooms of the home.


All areas with mold will be scrubbed, scraped, or removed to get rid of the mold. Most times water can penetrate walls and get under the floor. This means carpeting may need to be removed along with the drywall on the ceiling or walls. Affected materials that cannot be saved will be placed in plastic bags to be taken out of the home. We will use antibacterial cleaners to remove any contamination. This is done by mildew removal Wildomar specialists who will be wearing a respirator and protective gear.

Final Inspection

A mildew removal Wildomar specialist will perform a final inspection of a home after the removal process has been completed. This will be done by visually checking all the areas of the home and checking for moisture by using the moisture detector. A post-inspection will also be performed to make sure no mold is present.

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Tom Vegter

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