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The Importance of Mildew Remediation

Where Mildew Grows

Mildew removal Temecula, Calif., companies are available around-the-clock to inspect homes and businesses. Mildew is a particular form of mold that grows from spores that float in the air or water. This type of mold growth thrives on the surfaces of organic objects made from paper, leather and clothing that are in damp or humid environments. Black mildew or Cladosporium appears in buildings on floors, windowsills, walls, ceilings and attics that have poor air circulation. This type of mold may appear in areas of a building where mildew removal Temecula, Calif., experts are able to see the growth easily. However, frequently the mildew growth occurs in hidden areas of a building such as inside walls or objects.

Health Problems Caused by Mildew

Breathing the spores from mildew can cause serious health problems including respiratory difficulties, sinus congestion, aching throats, watery eyes and other allergic reactions. Individuals with poorly functioning immune systems are especially susceptible to skin, lung and digestive tract complications from specific mildew species. An individual with health difficulties requires the services of a qualified mildew removal Temecula, Calif., company with specialized equipment. Various surfaces throughout buildings such as books, straw, wicker, jute and drywall will develop mildew from moisture damage due to flooding or high humidity levels. A mildew removal Temecula, Calif., specialist is available to analyze a building’s air quality to find dangerous contamination quickly.

Testing for Mildew

After a complete air quality test, the mildew removal Temecula, Calif., expert will send the samples to a laboratory. At the laboratory, qualified scientists such as microbiologists will determine the variety of mildew present in the building. Understanding the variety of mildew in the building is necessary to plan a course of appropriate remediation to make the air safer to breathe. When a large number of people inside a building frequently report illnesses, the mildew removal Temecula, Calif., company will carefully inspect for Stachybotrys chartarum. This type of mildew is extremely toxic for individuals causing symptoms of dizziness, fever, nausea and headaches.

Getting Rid of Mildew

A building infested with Stachybotrys chartarum requires extensive cleaning or removal of damaged structures to return it to a livable condition. A mildew removal Temecula, Calif., company such as Water Away USA can provide professional service from highly trained employees. As part of the inspection process, the mildew removal Temecula, Calif., expert will write detailed damage reports for home and business owners to seek reimbursement from an insurance company. Complete mildew remediation services are available to test and analyze for dangerous air quality, remove or clean damaged surfaces and dehumidify or ventilate a building. Specialized services are also available to remove odors, sanitize and remodel damaged structures in buildings.

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Tom Vegter

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