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Homes that are in areas where heavy rain and severe weather can occur may have water issues. Water that enters a home can lead to a potential mold problem if it is not properly addressed. Many times water may flood an area and leak into a basement. If water leaks go unnoticed, then the conditions might be right for the growth of mold. A mold removal Lake Elsinore specialist can determine if a mold problem exists in a home.

Mold Information

Homeowners often do not know much about mold that may be present in their home. This is why there is information readily available from a mold removal Lake Elsinore specialist. There are five things a specialist can tell homeowners about mold.

1. Mold is the reason for many health issues in a home. The symptoms of mold exposure include having an allergic reaction, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

2. A mold removal Lake Elsinore company can remove all the mold in a home, but cannot prevent mold from growing in an indoor environment. The best way to control mold is to eliminate moisture.

3. Water problems in a home need to be identified and fixed. Removing the mold is only a temporary fix. A water problem, such as a leaking pipe, needs to be addressed.

4. The humidity in a home should be between 30 percent and 60 percent to help limit mold growth. The best way to do this is to vent bathrooms of moisture and to use a dehumidifier.

5. The growth of mold can occur anywhere moisture is present. This includes under flooring, on a wall, on wood and other substances that act as a food source.

Bad Mold

Most water problems in a home can result in the growth of bad mold. Bad mold is the main reason residents have allergies and respiratory problems. One of the worst types of bad mold in a home will be black mold. This is a type of mold that will develop after a sewer backup into a home. Black mold is an extremely toxic substance and should be avoided by a homeowner. A mold removal Lake Elsinore expert can determine the level of contamination and the remediation steps that are necessary.

Good Mold

A home may have some forms of good mold that are present. This type of mold will still need removal from a home. Examples of good mold are the type that grow on stale bread or on cheese. There is even fungi in the form of mushrooms that can be present in a home. If a homeowners is not sure about mold in their home, then a mold removal Lake Elsinore specialist can provide an assessment.

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Tom Vegter

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