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Mold can lead to serious health issues for the people living in a home. A few people may be susceptible to mold that is present in a home. The most common effects of mold are sneezing and a development of other respiratory issues. Temecula mold specialists can easily test for the presence of mold and perform any steps necessary to remediate mold from a home.

Testing for Mold

A variety of tests can be done by Temecula mold specialists to determine the type of mold growing in a residential home. The most common type of test is a direct examination. This is done by using tape lifts or swab sampling. The benefit of s direct exam is the immediate acknowledgment of mold in a home. A direct examination is only used to visually detect signs of mold. Another method is to check all areas in a home for the presence of moisture. This is done using moisture detection equipment.


The decontamination of a home involves setting up containment areas. This is done by taping plastic to the walls and covering all access points for air. The vents in a room will also be covered with plastic. A fan is then used to provide negative pressure into the room. The cleanup process will then have a HEPA vacuum used to remove all the mold spores that are removed contaminated surfaces. Common areas for mold include walls, ceiling tiles, flooring, and furnishing with organic materials. Furniture that is made of wood is an example of an organic material.

One aspect of mold contamination homeowners need to understand is that their personal effects are not going to the thrown away. Most times a disinfectant can be used to kill bacteria and mold present on an object. However, drywall and carpeting often needs to be removed as it cannot typically be saved when it has been contaminated with mold. This is often determined by Temecula mold specialists


This is the process of removing mold from home. A Temecula mold specialists will use various methods to remove the mold from a contaminated surface. This includes scraping and scrubbing. Another way a specialist can remove mold is to perform a complete tear-out. A complete tear-out means removing any materials that are contaminated, such as drywall, carpeting, and carpet padding. A HEPA vacuum is the best tool to remove all the mold spores.

Final Inspection

Temecula mold specialists will perform a final inspection of a home once the removal process is fully completed. This means all plastic bags are removed from all home containment areas have been taken down.

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Tom Vegter

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