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The presence of mold and mildew in a home is often the result of some other problem. This includes an abundance of water due to a severe rain storm or localized flooding. A small amount of mold in a home can have a significant impact on the health of anyone occupying the residence. Mold will damage many home furnishings made of wood and other organic materials. If a homeowner suspects that mold can be in their house, then a mold remediation Wildomar specialist is needed.

Key Signs of Mold

A homeowner will typically have a mold problem with a strong odor of mildew is present in basements or in a crawlspace. Black dots or other growths may also be seen on a wall, the floor, or ceiling. Homes may have had past water damage that was not fully dried. Heavy humidity in a home can lead to a high level of moisture that mold needs to grow. If there are any signs of mold in a residential home, then the homeowner needs to contact a mold remediation Wildomar specialist for help.


A mold remediation Wildomar specialist will find all sources of moisture in a home. This is done using a moisture detecting device that can detect traces of water behind a wall and under the floor. All places in a home that have moisture are treated and any mold will be removed. Most mold is hidden in places a homeowner is not able to see or cannot easily reach.


All residential homes are inspected by a mold remediation Wildomar specialist. Residential homes and other buildings with mold often have poor air quality. Common problems in a home that cause poor air quality water leaks, inadequate ventilation, and earlier water damage. The inspection of a home by a specialist will look for the presence of mold and its causes. If common problems are not addressed in a timely manner, then irreparable damage can occur.


Samples may need to be taken of any growth in a home to be tested by a third-party. Testing will allow a specialist and homeowner to know exactly which type of allergens, bacteria, and mold that will need to be removed from the home. This also allows a mold remediation Wildomar specialist to decide if a special method needs to be used to remediate the home.


A mold remediation Wildomar specialist has many options to remediate a home. The most common for a residential home is to clean and disinfect any affected areas. However, a home might be better off when a complete tear-out is performed. This is the process of removing all the flooring and drywall in a room.

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Tom Vegter

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